When you're bored, dunk your head in peroxide!

Yes. We dyed our hair. It's something we do when we are bored, you know. Some people watch tv, go to the gym, meet-up for a coffee with their friends and stuff like that but that's for sissies. The ultimate executor of boredom is changing the colour of your hair. True story.

We both dyed our hair for the second time in our lives. (The first time we did it was in a second year of high-school, when we were, oh what a surprise! bored. Back then, we chose to do that with a professional. It was horrible. We paid 80 euros for two crappy haircuts. And I swore that never ever in my life will I dye my hair again.) How very wrong was I.

The reason why we did it was actually a bet, which Rapunzel had lost and therefore had to dye herself blonde. And because I am a terrific friend I joined her in the action. But the change I made was much more subtle. My natural hair colour is dark brown and now it's just a bit darker. But I like it though. My skin tone is quite pale so now a contrast with my hair is more obvious and it's quite nice. I can actually look like a Snow-White on drugs, because I have under-eye circles. Very pretty.

I, Rapunzel, went a bit further with the whole hair-dying business: I am now a blonde, although it is not as drastic as it looks from these photos. We were a bit afraid what would happen; you never know whether you’ll end up green, orange or blonde when you DIY with peroxide. But it turned out quite fine, and it looks interesting with my dark eyebrows. Also, I have the awesomest silver sweater for which I paid a daily wage. But it was absolutely worth it!

And now, both looking splendid, edgy and a bit cartooney we are heading  on our magic carpet towards the indie capital of Europe. Berlin, my friends!
Stay tuned.


Oh we so bad at this!

Writing blog, of course.

In our defence...We were extremely busy finishing high-school, having our finals and boring stuff like that. May and June were therefore spent in library where we were pitying our tragical destiny, because we had to study stuff like ''The main modern language reference books and modern linguistic norm in Slovene language'' and such, instead of playing ukulele and taking photos with Diana Mini. Ahhh. Life is tough.

But anyways, now everything is over and we are on holidays! 

So here's a little bit of music for these lazy days when doing nothing at all. Quite a while ago I discovered this great French fashion label and also electronic music record label Kitsuné. I don't like their collections very much (too preppy and boring and not enough quirky for my taste) but I am very much into their music! Their compilations skew heavily toward the indie dance spectrum, which is kind of awesome. My goal is to have all Kitsune compilations in my possession someday. So far, I only have two (no.9 and no.11. Oh, gee 9/11. Wasn't on purpose, I swear) so feel free to buy me the rest of them. But anyway. Peace out folks, Pie is out. Heeere's the music:



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