Boys We Love: Ryan Gosling

I just watched Drive again. And if it weren't so late, I'd watch it again. I just love everything about the movie, and I don't even know whether it's critically acclaimed or said to be crap, but who cares?
The Driver is one of my favourite movie characters ever (next to Margot, Enid, Jim Stark and Sailor, to list a few). Everything he says (and it's really not much) is so dramatic and intense and misterious yet soft and quiet and polite. I think I didn't breathe during the elevator scene at all. I won't post a link because you absolutely have to see it in the context of the whole movie if you haven't already. I'm seriously considering buying a jacket with an embroidered golden scorpion on the back.

Drive is not the only reason I've been obsessing over Mr. Gosling. It's also his feminist sensibilities that are (probably) all made up, but he seems convincing enough to me.
I even liked him in Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was the kind of movie that makes me depressed after watching it, but, still, Ryan.

He also has a band, called Dead Man's Bones which reminds me a bit of Mumford&Sons, and in this video they're performing live on a cemetery.

He (supposedly) says he had no friends until he was 14 or 15, and was in a special-needs class because of an attention deficit disorder.

It's not even my thing to have celebrity crushes and I'm 19 so according to social conventions I should already be past this phase, I think. But no one is going to tell me what to do and I like Ryan Gosling. I just think he's not a douchebag (although I like douchebags as well so I'm not making a relevant point here).

Oh and I forgot to mention his performance with Justin Timberlake on Mickey Mouse Club in 1993. 
Need I say more?

Sincerely, Rapunzel


Lots of Love,


Boys we love: Jens Moelle

Rapunzel & Pie are big suckers for rock stars. We realized that in Paris this summer. We went to a random gig where there was a band Clock n'Works playing and Rapunzel found herself droolling over the lead singer and I fell in love with the drummer and we decided we should make a list of our favourite boys. So, while waiting for one (preferably two) of them to marry us, we will introduce them all.

Jens Moelle. He is a (better) half of a German electro house duo Digitalism. I got familiar with their music via Kitsune maison compilations and loved it instantly. Their music is something you would hear on hard-core rave parties but they also have a softer, more melodic side which makes them perfect. 

In November, we went to see their concert in Wien. And there he was-Jence. Seeing him pressing buttons on synth and singing made my heart skip a beat! Also, he made the most cute gesture I've ever seen. He had his arms stretched aside while singing and then he kind of waved with his fingers. It was so adorable. I wanted to find a video of it but it's nonexistent :( . Instead, I found an interview with him in five parts, which kind of made my day.

Anyway, here he is. My one and only.

With all my love, Pie


Summertime Sadness

In winter I always imagine how awesome and cool summer is going to be. I would do so many things. I would read, watch films and do a million of DIY projects. I would eat ice-cream every day and meet up with friends and we would have road trips and not care for a single thing in this world.
And now. I just sit inside my home trying hard to ignore the fact that summer is actually here but I feel like staying locked in my room forever. Doing nothing other than pitying myself and wondering what time will bring.

With love, Pie.


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