Changes are coming

Dear Readers. This is a notification. Due to the identity crisis more about which is written in the previous post, we will be changing the name and the URL starting 2012. So, the blog will no longer be called Flying Indie Piglets, but will go by a name that is actually a combination of our 'nicknames': Rapunzel & Pie. There, it's out!!

The URL adress will also be changed to www.rapunzelandpie.blogspot.com.
But it's not only the name that is going to be different. We are also going to change the visual style of our blog a bit, so that not only the content, but also the outlook will be awesome! Special thanks to Pie's primary school class-mate Lovro, a graphic designer (and great photos too!),  who was extremely kind and did a great job!

We hope that by doing this, we won't lose any of our few precious readers, but will help our blog to develop and become what we want it to be.

SO, keep in mind that you'll need a new bookmark after New Year!
www.rapunzelandpie.blogspot.com <3



Water is filling up the bathtub. I stretch myself, lie down and close my eyes. I hear nothing but the roar of warm fluid spreading around me. Water is already up my ears, chin then mouth and eyes. Soon there is just one breath left until I am finally down.

Some days are worse than others. No matter how I try, I just cannot get myself together. I am afraid of everything and everyone and all I can do is wait for the storm to be over.

With love, Pie


The colours of November

I should totally be studying right now. But I am obviously not. I love my study breaks a little bit too much. And I love Neil Krug as well! He is a director + photographer and his work is simply amazing. There is a special feeling that I get when I look at his photos or videos. It makes me want to live in them all.You can see more of his photos on Flickr and he has also released a Pulp Art Book with a beautiful model Joni Harbeck. Expired Polaroid film ftw and psychedelic much. PLUS, there is a movie  Invisible Pyramid that should be out soon. Definitely a must see. What can I say, not bad for a 28-year-old man, not bad.
Death Valley
On the road
Mystic White Flight


Out of the bubble

In the last few weeks, so many things have changed. Highschool was safe, known, comfortable. Holidays were fabulous. Uni is none of that.

I don’t like college life very much. You meet new people and you have coffees and lunches with them and you smalltalk until you’re tired of pointless conversations and just want to go home. And I am not even enjoying wearing violet fur or going over the top with accessories, because that makes you feel like an outcast, not fabulous at all, as there is no one there to appreciate it. Most of medicine students wear ugly sweaters from year '02 and sport shoes.

We do however, appreciate old friends even more now, and when we’re not educating, let it be economy or anatomy, we’re trying to maintain sanity by doing stuff that we like, say

...lunches with old friends

white girls eating salads and a blue boy, in a restaurant in Ljubljana

...photography... I found my grandfather's Zorki-4 a while ago, but am still learning how to use it. As it doesn't have a light meter, and I don't have any knowledge of photography, most of the photos are blurry, underexposed, or not there at all. But I'm having lots of fun with it!

Ljubljana, centre ville

...dreamy songs... This one really fits my mood lately

...having a fur-and-dark-lipstick-wearing alter ego at night... oh yes, we are still Rapunzel&Pie, and fabulous too!
We recently attended a fashion show with a slovenian fashion blogger Eva Ana, who took the photo below. For more, check out her blog, all around eve.

Vintage fur coats, bought in Berlin for 7€ <3

Who needs uni anyway??


Vibes from the past

We are going to uni for the first time on Monday and a new era of our lives is about to begin. I like beginnings because they give you hope, excitement and motivation. Suddenly, you are found in a different situation, surrounded by new people in a new place. And this is good. But on the other hand, beginnings are also the final end of something. It is like saying goodbye to everything and everyone you knew before, because undoubtedly you are going to change and so will they. Which makes me sad a little bit. Just like Holden, the troubled teenager from The Catcher in the Rye, I would sometimes like to put certain things in big glass cases so that they would just stay the way they are. Ah. The lovely nostalgia.
Radical Face- All is well (Goodbye, goodbye). Sad, but beautiful.


A Swan. By Rapunzel with DianaMini.

John William Waterhouse- The Lady of Shalott. Gotta love the colours and her facial expression.

Vinna Laudico- Little Girl Blue. Fashion story with a dreamy atmosphere. Tiara, puppet and flowers.


Identity crisis

We are back, folks! For the last three weeks, we were enjoying ourselves on the atlantic coast of France, where we were eagerly trying to catch some waves on our brand new surfboards, which were in our possession for exactly two weeks and then some bastards stole them. But this is another story. 

Today, however, I have a point to make. On the 21st of January 2011 Rapunzel and I were in a library braging about how we never actually realise our amazing plans and we decided that it was time to change that. And we did it by creating this fabulous blog. I don't quite remember how we chose the name of it, but I think it was a matter of 5 minutes.

Flying Indie Piglets. At the time we were really into this whole hipster/indie scene because we've just came from London with DianaMini and I was definitely influenced by Kitsune Maison compilations with their indie-electro-pop music which makes you feel like going to space with your cat and then there was K4- the only half-decent club in Ljubljana where cool electro music is played and its indie-overload clientele. And sweaters, of course! Vintage oversized sweaters with navajo-like pattern which were so convenient to put over skinny jeans with headphones around the neck. That is basically why we though that the adjective ''indie'' is so perfect for the name of our blog. Now, things have changed.

Or maybe it's better to say that we have changed. I don't really know what happened. I blame it on the summer, because we saw new places and met some great people who made us question and think about well...everything. And lately, we came to conclusion that we might have outgrown our bloggie name. It's not that we don't like indie related stuff anymore, because we definitely do. Glitters, space, abandoned circuses, indie-pop, lomography, neon nails, glow in the dark sticks..it's all still in the game! It's just  that the adjective ''indie'' somehow doesn't feel right anymore, because labeling is the last thing we need. We just want a name that will still be true for us even in 5 years time. We need a name that will suit future med and law students who will try their best not to fall into the-ugly-clothes-and-greasy-hair routine while spending their youth behind the books. We need a name that will be just as groovy as we are and nothing less.

Basically we are going trough rough times at the moment. Our blog needs a refreshment that will help us move this whole blogging thing into the right direction. Because at the moment we are kind of stuck somewhere we don't want to be and we just wish to develop our blog into something we will be proud of.


Berlin photos

For the last Berlin-related post, here are some random photos from the nights & days spent in the fabulous city. Some of them were taken with Diana and some with a normal digital camera.

So long, Berlin, so long, friends! Until next time...

Rapunzel and Maxim at Picknick club garden

Maxim and Pie with stars in their eyes
Peter rowing, Schlachtensee
chilling in Mauerpark on Sunday
eating 35cents Ja! Schokolade
Taken in a photobooth next to school. Love it!

Party in our flat with Max & Nick, das schönste Paar!

A night about-town

oh they were SO excited!

Holocaust memorial - very impressive
we did see some Sehenswürdigkeiten as well!
Bundestag zum Beispiel.

cycling around Berlin, sehr schön

Having some wine in Tiergarten
Picknick Soundcloud party - probably the best night...
...the party went on until 8 am

Our last morning, before a hectic trip to the


Ich habe noch einen Koffer in Berlin (I still have my suitcase in Berlin)

That's why I have to go there sometimes soon. Sang Marlene Dietrich in one of her songs. The lyrics describe our feelings exactly. The joys of days spent in Berlin are all locked in the suitcase waiting for us to come back.

Those three weeks we spent there were probably the best thing that has ever happened to us. It might sound silly, but that is exactly how we feel. The city itself is so amazing. It's extremely slow paced and relaxed and it amazes you with charming things which are found in completely random places.

Berliners seem to be highly open-minded and easygoing, accepting everyone. (Well, except from the guards in Berghain. They definitely come out quite judgmental when deciding on who to let in into their hell-hole). Oh yes, clubbing in Berlin is fun fun fun! Clubs with huge gardens and secret corners with abandoned armchairs and mini-vans and clubs which transform over the night into something completely different. And partys where you dubstep your shoes off or where you dance on the yard and have a live gig at 7.00 welcoming the sun that has come up.

But the most amazing thing that happened to us in Berlin wasn't the city, but simply, our friends. (Hooray for the cheesiness!). The first day of our german course (Yes, Rapunzel and I actually went to Berlin to learn Deutsch) at GLS we met the boys with whom we spent most of the time. Oh we were definitely the coolest group of friends. Peter, philosoper, with his concepts who are, by no doubt, going to be something really successful one day and his (un)successful attempts to make Rapunzel go on a date with him were hilarious. And then there was Miki, future lawyer from Czech, whose english vocabulary was pretty much like Cartman's from South Park and who was probably the most chilled person we've ever met. Seriously, man! And last but not least our darling Maxim, russian living in London, the sweetest person ever alive and our clubbing and shopping fella. And first gay friend, actually!

Peter and his Berlin Kamera


Max, looking fab.

We really had an awesome time together and the most wonderful thing was that Rapunzel and I were probably for the first time really ourselves among a group of friends, not really worrying what others will think. They taught us an important lesson. We can be whatever we are, because we are great. And if we don't feel happy in Slovenia, we must get the hell out of it. Word there.

We sort of made a plan to stay in Berlin for ever and  we would be part-time bloggers and artists and Rapunzel would make contemporary videos. It would all be so wonderfully pretentious and we'd never sleep. But the plan went wrong obviously, because Rapunzel and I are back at home. Crying most of the time because it had to end so soon and missing everyone and everything.
Berlin stole our hearts.


superfantastisch Berlin

Some glow sticks broke in our Koffer and caused a
spontaneous neon party

Now this was the most awesome thing we saw during
our first week here. Meet Berlineon. He is growing
up in Berlin like a real baby and his parents are
the coolest couple ever.

A random house on our way to die Schule.
Die Katze ist verschollen.

East side gallery: the longest remain of The Wall,
which is now turned into a collection of
graffity masterpieces.

U-Bahn tunnels smell like old air and pee

Mohrenstraße: the first station in the morning and
the last one, well, in the morning as well

Hungover contemporary art at Hamburger Bahnhof
(has to do with Hamburg, not McDonald´s)
Der Hase hat eine Röntgenuntersuchung bestanden
more photos coming next week!!!


When you're bored, dunk your head in peroxide!

Yes. We dyed our hair. It's something we do when we are bored, you know. Some people watch tv, go to the gym, meet-up for a coffee with their friends and stuff like that but that's for sissies. The ultimate executor of boredom is changing the colour of your hair. True story.

We both dyed our hair for the second time in our lives. (The first time we did it was in a second year of high-school, when we were, oh what a surprise! bored. Back then, we chose to do that with a professional. It was horrible. We paid 80 euros for two crappy haircuts. And I swore that never ever in my life will I dye my hair again.) How very wrong was I.

The reason why we did it was actually a bet, which Rapunzel had lost and therefore had to dye herself blonde. And because I am a terrific friend I joined her in the action. But the change I made was much more subtle. My natural hair colour is dark brown and now it's just a bit darker. But I like it though. My skin tone is quite pale so now a contrast with my hair is more obvious and it's quite nice. I can actually look like a Snow-White on drugs, because I have under-eye circles. Very pretty.

I, Rapunzel, went a bit further with the whole hair-dying business: I am now a blonde, although it is not as drastic as it looks from these photos. We were a bit afraid what would happen; you never know whether you’ll end up green, orange or blonde when you DIY with peroxide. But it turned out quite fine, and it looks interesting with my dark eyebrows. Also, I have the awesomest silver sweater for which I paid a daily wage. But it was absolutely worth it!

And now, both looking splendid, edgy and a bit cartooney we are heading  on our magic carpet towards the indie capital of Europe. Berlin, my friends!
Stay tuned.


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