Goodbye summer and pointless sitting on a couch in a pyjama with a bowl of cereal or popcorn or
nothing because you are too lazy to go out to buy some food. Goodbye waking up at noon only to realize you don't actually have to get out of bed. Goodbye movie marathons, mini road trips and other summer adventures.

Goodbye careless days, hello uni! Law and Medicine why we meet again so soon??


Permanent Vacation

Today I watched a film Permanent Vacation directed by Jim Jarmusch and I loved it! The main character is a 20-year-old Allie (Chris Parker), who lives in New York with his girlfriend Leila, well, 'girlfriend' is maybe not the best term to describe the relationship they have, we don't actually learn much about her. She is just there, beautiful and serious, smoking and sitting in a graceful position by the window in their apartment.

Basically the whole film is about Allie who wanders around the backstreets of New York, searching for answers, trying to find out what life is about. He meets a bunch of crazy people and has short, insignificant conversations with them. His mother is in a mental hospital, father is dead and house where he was born was bombed. It does not seem he has anything or anyone to lean on, that's why he drifts.

This is an extremely slow paced film, so I might not recommend it to impatient viewers, but it has to be this way to represent Allie's mood successfully. He is lost, but in the end he finds his way out of this situation. He leaves New York and goes to Paris, although he knows things are probably not going to be any different there.

You cannot escape from yourself, but being on permanent vacation-a life tourist does the trick at least for a while.

Permanent Vacation: Allie dancing

I have my dreams when I'm awake

Leila. She does not say much, nor does Allie.

Leaving, but looking back on Manhattan

Leila: I'm tired of being alone.
Allie: Everyone is alone. That's why I just drift you know. People think it's crazy. But it's better to think you are not alone, you know, when you are drifting, even though you are, instead of just knowing you are alone all the time. Some people, you know, they can distract themselves with ambitions and motivation to work, you know, but not me...

I am starting to realise how very right he is. Moving around from one place to another without settling at least gives you an excuse that you feel alienated  because you don't spend enough time anywhere. It's a good trick. At least you don't have to deal with harsh reality of eternal loneliness.

With Love,


Rainbow Girl

After spending too much time online looking at tumblr girls with groovy hair, I finally decided to follow the amazing dip-dye mermaid hair trend!

I wasn't really sure whether it would look good, considering the fact I do not possess long, beautiful, blonde hair, which is the most common hair style when it comes to dip-dyeing, but it actually turned out pretty damn cool. I love it! It is just the right amount of colour that gives my whole appearance an interesting twist. Even the dullest outfit suddenly seems pretty rad with this unexpected pop of colour on my head. My dad however, is not so enthusiastic about my new look. He said it looks like algae started growing on my hair. Maybe I truly am becoming a mermaid!

With Love,


EDIT: 12.10.2012, I re-dyed my hair!


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