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We're sorry we haven't posted in a million years. We've been busy with life and stuff.
All love,


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Rapunzel & Pie


Home is where outside world is not

I recently moved away from my parents to an apartment in the centre of Ljubljana. I decorated and renovated it myself, with the help of family and friends. During hours of painting and scraping off old tiles, during countless cigarettes and long baths it has become very dear to me. Even when it's dirty, when I'm alone, or when moths intrude, I feel safe and hidden here.


I'm drunk. Late night buses back home make me sad, nostalgic and a bit happy that I'm still here.

And now I'm crying.
I want to go to Berlin.


morning melancholia

Hello darlings,
these photos were taken on the 1st of January. We woke up tired, outside was grey, cold and uninviting. We were anything but excited about the new year starting, it would be nice to just freeze time the previous night, keep alive the feeling of something new coming. Rather, we woke up to see the same city, same houses, same clouds, to find out that the weight of life we felt the previous year didn't go away. But isn't it always so? I've never met anyone who would change themselves or their lives just because they've reached a certain year or age. Oh, it's 2013, let's do more sports. No.

Only when your habits, mind processes or looks become unbearable to you, when you can't live with them anymore, you gather strength to make a change.

Aren't they lovely, my friends, my dearests?




New Year's Evening Ennui

These photos were taken on New Year's Eve. Yes, that was quite some time ago, but at the beginning of January always comes a flood of ugly party photos with drunk people's red faces on them. These are nothing like it. My lovely friends, glitter, fur, velvet, disco - it was a good, good night, full of shiny things and silly deeds.


It wasn't our last one.



For a moment I thought my heart was healing, sadly it was only a mind trick.

With love,



New theory

It was more than a year ago, my nineteenth birthday, and I wasn't feeling particularly well. Rapunzel came to my place so I wouldn't be alone. We sprinkled our lips with golden glitters and wrapped our bodies in fur. We took photos with my plastic camera and pretended we were models. I remember we talked about our lives and the future long into the night.

"We should start a band." I said to her a couple of days ago. I think we could do amazing things together.

With love,



Strange Sensation

An excerpt from a letter I sent recently:

"I don't want to use too many big words when describing my feelings towards you. Maybe it's because they're over-used and it makes them seem less true, or perhaps I just don't want to repeat myself.
What I feel is strange and in a way unfamiliar to me. I guess I can call it love. It's not a crush, it's not a fragment of my imagination, it's not something I would hope for or strive towards, I'm not trying to emphasise it in my mind. It's just there, in me, in you, between us, in my phone, my mailbox, my sheets, my apartment. But still it feels as if it comes from the outside, not from my heart or brain or any other part of me. It is something that moved in my body during our time spent together and has no plans on leaving soon. 
As if it were physical sensation, not just a mind trick."

Jarek Puczel

in my apartment, photographed by Pie


Findoftheday: Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Two amazing photographers.
They published a book called The Architect's Brother.

More beauty on their official website.





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