From 7th until 18th November there was a film festival in Ljubljana. It happens every year, but this was the first time when we really let our love for films shine. We watched twelve (12) films together, therefore the majority of time in the past week was spent in different cinema halls, where the stories and characters took us to distant places which were sometimes filled with emotions unknown to us, but represented so beautifully we were easily affected.

Of course, not all the films were amazing and exhilarating, yet there was not a single one which would make us leave the projection before its end and no one even came close to the agony we went through last year, while watching Bela Tarr's The Turin Horse.

It was very nice (and probably not so smart) to put our studies at hold for a while and pretend we are not two busy students, but just two ordinary filmophiles who have all the time in the world to watch films all day and who wish from the bottom of their hearts smoking would again be allowed in dusty, old cinematheques.

Anyway, here's what we saw in order of preference:
Leos Carax: Strangulation Blues + Boy Meets Girl

Benh Zeitlin: Beasts of the Southern Wild
Denis Hopper: Easy Rider
Hartmut Bitomsky: Highway 40 West-Reise in Amerika
Aida Begić: Djeca (Children of Sarajevo)
Alejandro Brugués: Juan de los Muertos
Benoit Jacquot: Les adieux a la Reine
Cate Shortland: Lore
Babis Makridis: L
Quentin Dupieux: Wrong
Jonathan Demme: Something Wild


Autumn is pink



Slovenia, suburbs, sunset


The Swamp of Saddness

It's the time of the year when the sky, the cities and the people turn grey and the fog prevents you from seeing things clearly. It's the time of the year when everything I want to do is lay on my bed in comfy hipster-ski-sweaters, read books, listen to unpopular music, eat chocolate and have an understanding cat purring by my side.

I think solitude is great, because human contacts are a fleeting thing, no matter how pessimistic that sounds. I spend a lot of my time pondering interactions between people and I always come to a conclusion that no bond between two people is made without cracks, two people will always be two people, because we are not made as bubbles that can merge into one upon bumping into eachother. I also hate when someone asks me "what are you thinking about?". If I thought that explaining them my thoughts at that moment would have any effect at all, if I wanted the person I'm with to know what is going on in my head, I would obviously already have told them.

a caption from Unmade Beds

What I wanted to say is that being self-sufficient is one of the best things ever, because people break up, friends change, divorce, migration, death, awful. Wouldn't it be great if we weren't herd animals and every one of us could survive by themselves? I, for one, would have a lovely stone house, with a garden and cats and hens. It would be overlooking the ocean, so I could ponder about life while watching the infinite horizon and stuff. Or I would live in a bus on Alaska like Alex Supertramp. But given my surviving skills, I would probably starve to death in a month or so.

A lot like this painting by Jean-François Millet
The problem is that people aren't made to be alone. Living in isolation results in frustration or pathological conditions like being-a-crazy-cat-lady, for example. And even though I don't trust people and never take anyone's affection for granted, I figured that this uncertainty regarding relationships is something I have to live with, because being around people you like is comforting, and you can't deny that, no matter how big of a self-sufficiency fan you are.

I guess what I'm saying is that I like being around others, because I think that understanding others, their motives, fears and desires, can help you understand the human kind and therefore, yourself. I just don't want to venture into the outside world just yet. Right now, my bed and a book is all I need, but I guess tomorrow I will be compelled to face the horrors of socializing again.




City With No Children

Photowalk in Kamnik, my hometown. Revisiting places from my past, places long lost in my memory.
Secret corners where we used to play hide and seek, abandoned factory which we never dared to enter,
a statue in front of my school in which we threw snowballs every winter, a vast field of wheat, which is gone now...

Places seemed so different, so sad and wistful, as all who used to find their magic kingdoms there were gone forever.

With Love,



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