morning melancholia

Hello darlings,
these photos were taken on the 1st of January. We woke up tired, outside was grey, cold and uninviting. We were anything but excited about the new year starting, it would be nice to just freeze time the previous night, keep alive the feeling of something new coming. Rather, we woke up to see the same city, same houses, same clouds, to find out that the weight of life we felt the previous year didn't go away. But isn't it always so? I've never met anyone who would change themselves or their lives just because they've reached a certain year or age. Oh, it's 2013, let's do more sports. No.

Only when your habits, mind processes or looks become unbearable to you, when you can't live with them anymore, you gather strength to make a change.

Aren't they lovely, my friends, my dearests?




New Year's Evening Ennui

These photos were taken on New Year's Eve. Yes, that was quite some time ago, but at the beginning of January always comes a flood of ugly party photos with drunk people's red faces on them. These are nothing like it. My lovely friends, glitter, fur, velvet, disco - it was a good, good night, full of shiny things and silly deeds.


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Best friends who are quite bored all the time and whose greatness and awesomeness is being ignored by society. Besides that, they love glittery makeup, things that shine in the dark or randomly fly in space, analogue photography, kitsune maison compilations, cats, dogs, and of course, alpacas. C'est ├ža.
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