Berlin photos

For the last Berlin-related post, here are some random photos from the nights & days spent in the fabulous city. Some of them were taken with Diana and some with a normal digital camera.

So long, Berlin, so long, friends! Until next time...

Rapunzel and Maxim at Picknick club garden

Maxim and Pie with stars in their eyes
Peter rowing, Schlachtensee
chilling in Mauerpark on Sunday
eating 35cents Ja! Schokolade
Taken in a photobooth next to school. Love it!

Party in our flat with Max & Nick, das schönste Paar!

A night about-town

oh they were SO excited!

Holocaust memorial - very impressive
we did see some Sehenswürdigkeiten as well!
Bundestag zum Beispiel.

cycling around Berlin, sehr schön

Having some wine in Tiergarten
Picknick Soundcloud party - probably the best night...
...the party went on until 8 am

Our last morning, before a hectic trip to the


Ich habe noch einen Koffer in Berlin (I still have my suitcase in Berlin)

That's why I have to go there sometimes soon. Sang Marlene Dietrich in one of her songs. The lyrics describe our feelings exactly. The joys of days spent in Berlin are all locked in the suitcase waiting for us to come back.

Those three weeks we spent there were probably the best thing that has ever happened to us. It might sound silly, but that is exactly how we feel. The city itself is so amazing. It's extremely slow paced and relaxed and it amazes you with charming things which are found in completely random places.

Berliners seem to be highly open-minded and easygoing, accepting everyone. (Well, except from the guards in Berghain. They definitely come out quite judgmental when deciding on who to let in into their hell-hole). Oh yes, clubbing in Berlin is fun fun fun! Clubs with huge gardens and secret corners with abandoned armchairs and mini-vans and clubs which transform over the night into something completely different. And partys where you dubstep your shoes off or where you dance on the yard and have a live gig at 7.00 welcoming the sun that has come up.

But the most amazing thing that happened to us in Berlin wasn't the city, but simply, our friends. (Hooray for the cheesiness!). The first day of our german course (Yes, Rapunzel and I actually went to Berlin to learn Deutsch) at GLS we met the boys with whom we spent most of the time. Oh we were definitely the coolest group of friends. Peter, philosoper, with his concepts who are, by no doubt, going to be something really successful one day and his (un)successful attempts to make Rapunzel go on a date with him were hilarious. And then there was Miki, future lawyer from Czech, whose english vocabulary was pretty much like Cartman's from South Park and who was probably the most chilled person we've ever met. Seriously, man! And last but not least our darling Maxim, russian living in London, the sweetest person ever alive and our clubbing and shopping fella. And first gay friend, actually!

Peter and his Berlin Kamera


Max, looking fab.

We really had an awesome time together and the most wonderful thing was that Rapunzel and I were probably for the first time really ourselves among a group of friends, not really worrying what others will think. They taught us an important lesson. We can be whatever we are, because we are great. And if we don't feel happy in Slovenia, we must get the hell out of it. Word there.

We sort of made a plan to stay in Berlin for ever and  we would be part-time bloggers and artists and Rapunzel would make contemporary videos. It would all be so wonderfully pretentious and we'd never sleep. But the plan went wrong obviously, because Rapunzel and I are back at home. Crying most of the time because it had to end so soon and missing everyone and everything.
Berlin stole our hearts.


superfantastisch Berlin

Some glow sticks broke in our Koffer and caused a
spontaneous neon party

Now this was the most awesome thing we saw during
our first week here. Meet Berlineon. He is growing
up in Berlin like a real baby and his parents are
the coolest couple ever.

A random house on our way to die Schule.
Die Katze ist verschollen.

East side gallery: the longest remain of The Wall,
which is now turned into a collection of
graffity masterpieces.

U-Bahn tunnels smell like old air and pee

Mohrenstraße: the first station in the morning and
the last one, well, in the morning as well

Hungover contemporary art at Hamburger Bahnhof
(has to do with Hamburg, not McDonald´s)
Der Hase hat eine Röntgenuntersuchung bestanden
more photos coming next week!!!


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