The manifesto of me (Rapunzel) being 18

Happy Birthday, dear me!

I have finally reached the age of 18, the age in which almost everything becomes legal. I am now a full-fledged member of the society, I can vote, drink, have sex with old men and drive a car.

On the morning of 22nd of March the first thing I did was put my fake ID (or, rather, the ID of my friend which is not even my friend anymore but she gave me her student ID) in a memory box. A memory box is an old box in which my grandfather bought Yugoslavian candies. It's very retro and smells like surf wax (probably because I keep a piece of surf wax in it to remind me of the days spent surfing in the sun on sandy beaches okay back to our topic).
Two days later I bought my first legal Jägermeister (quite disgusting dark brown strong herbal alcohol mixture but tastes okay with ice tea) and the lady at the cashier didn't even ask how old I was, although they always asked that before, when I was nervously trying to look as old as possible (which meant studying different kinds of bubble gum or indifferently chatting with a friend). Later that evening we went out, me and my two friends, to the indiest club in our town, and it was time to show my real ID for the first time. of course, the security guard didn't believe that it was really me on the photo, because I look like an ugly homeless 13-year-old girl with spanish origins.
In front of that entrance I realized that going out lost a bit of its excitement now that I am actually allowed inside clubs. I felt so cool before, when I was seventeen and probably the youngest person in most of the places we went to.
being 18, however, has its benefits too, and its not just buying addictive substances. you can, for example, sign your own permission to attend a contest in Physics. not like that helps me in any way, but still.

As my mom said when she congratulated me: This is it.
It is an end of an era. And even though I was the last to go, since I'm the youngest in my group of friends, I will miss being under-age and all the jokes and the problems that went with that.

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