a surrealistic collage

So I was feeling a bit weird today, but instead of sleeping the day away (or studying), I decided to do something productive with my strange mood.

I love René Magritte. He was a Belgian painter that lived through both of the world wars and hanged with Dalí, Breton, Miró, Bunuel and other amazing people. I recently visited an exhibition in Vienna and was fascinated by the aesthetics and the philosophy behind his works, but mostly by the feel they were giving out.

My inspiration were:

Lovers by René Magritte
Infinite Gratitude (don't you love the title?), Magritte

What I did was wrap my head in a white chiffon I found in the garage, take a picture, print it, cut the part I wanted out and then make a collage. After I glued the things together I photographed it again and this is what came out:

I didn't want to make the exact copy of Lovers (and not only because I don't have a second person) but I went with the clouds and a mirror which are symbols Magritte used a lot. And the lettuce is just random.
It was fun to do and if I had any clear walls left in my room, I would hang the collage there.

Sincerely, Rapunzel

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