Strange Sensation

An excerpt from a letter I sent recently:

"I don't want to use too many big words when describing my feelings towards you. Maybe it's because they're over-used and it makes them seem less true, or perhaps I just don't want to repeat myself.
What I feel is strange and in a way unfamiliar to me. I guess I can call it love. It's not a crush, it's not a fragment of my imagination, it's not something I would hope for or strive towards, I'm not trying to emphasise it in my mind. It's just there, in me, in you, between us, in my phone, my mailbox, my sheets, my apartment. But still it feels as if it comes from the outside, not from my heart or brain or any other part of me. It is something that moved in my body during our time spent together and has no plans on leaving soon. 
As if it were physical sensation, not just a mind trick."

Jarek Puczel

in my apartment, photographed by Pie


  1. thanks for your comment! I like your blog very much, too, there kind of a imaginative vibe to it... like that post in particular.



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