Berlin photos

For the last Berlin-related post, here are some random photos from the nights & days spent in the fabulous city. Some of them were taken with Diana and some with a normal digital camera.

So long, Berlin, so long, friends! Until next time...

Rapunzel and Maxim at Picknick club garden

Maxim and Pie with stars in their eyes
Peter rowing, Schlachtensee
chilling in Mauerpark on Sunday
eating 35cents Ja! Schokolade
Taken in a photobooth next to school. Love it!

Party in our flat with Max & Nick, das schönste Paar!

A night about-town

oh they were SO excited!

Holocaust memorial - very impressive
we did see some Sehenswürdigkeiten as well!
Bundestag zum Beispiel.

cycling around Berlin, sehr schön

Having some wine in Tiergarten
Picknick Soundcloud party - probably the best night...
...the party went on until 8 am

Our last morning, before a hectic trip to the

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