superfantastisch Berlin

Some glow sticks broke in our Koffer and caused a
spontaneous neon party

Now this was the most awesome thing we saw during
our first week here. Meet Berlineon. He is growing
up in Berlin like a real baby and his parents are
the coolest couple ever.

A random house on our way to die Schule.
Die Katze ist verschollen.

East side gallery: the longest remain of The Wall,
which is now turned into a collection of
graffity masterpieces.

U-Bahn tunnels smell like old air and pee

Mohrenstraße: the first station in the morning and
the last one, well, in the morning as well

Hungover contemporary art at Hamburger Bahnhof
(has to do with Hamburg, not McDonald´s)
Der Hase hat eine Röntgenuntersuchung bestanden
more photos coming next week!!!

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  1. You two are definitely the coolest people I've ever met from Slovenia.




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