Identity crisis

We are back, folks! For the last three weeks, we were enjoying ourselves on the atlantic coast of France, where we were eagerly trying to catch some waves on our brand new surfboards, which were in our possession for exactly two weeks and then some bastards stole them. But this is another story. 

Today, however, I have a point to make. On the 21st of January 2011 Rapunzel and I were in a library braging about how we never actually realise our amazing plans and we decided that it was time to change that. And we did it by creating this fabulous blog. I don't quite remember how we chose the name of it, but I think it was a matter of 5 minutes.

Flying Indie Piglets. At the time we were really into this whole hipster/indie scene because we've just came from London with DianaMini and I was definitely influenced by Kitsune Maison compilations with their indie-electro-pop music which makes you feel like going to space with your cat and then there was K4- the only half-decent club in Ljubljana where cool electro music is played and its indie-overload clientele. And sweaters, of course! Vintage oversized sweaters with navajo-like pattern which were so convenient to put over skinny jeans with headphones around the neck. That is basically why we though that the adjective ''indie'' is so perfect for the name of our blog. Now, things have changed.

Or maybe it's better to say that we have changed. I don't really know what happened. I blame it on the summer, because we saw new places and met some great people who made us question and think about well...everything. And lately, we came to conclusion that we might have outgrown our bloggie name. It's not that we don't like indie related stuff anymore, because we definitely do. Glitters, space, abandoned circuses, indie-pop, lomography, neon nails, glow in the dark sticks..it's all still in the game! It's just  that the adjective ''indie'' somehow doesn't feel right anymore, because labeling is the last thing we need. We just want a name that will still be true for us even in 5 years time. We need a name that will suit future med and law students who will try their best not to fall into the-ugly-clothes-and-greasy-hair routine while spending their youth behind the books. We need a name that will be just as groovy as we are and nothing less.

Basically we are going trough rough times at the moment. Our blog needs a refreshment that will help us move this whole blogging thing into the right direction. Because at the moment we are kind of stuck somewhere we don't want to be and we just wish to develop our blog into something we will be proud of.

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  1. I have every faith that once this crisis has played out, your credibility will be greatly enhanced in all discerning eyes!

    (if you're still having trouble, maybe consider one of these...



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