Boys we love: Jens Moelle

Rapunzel & Pie are big suckers for rock stars. We realized that in Paris this summer. We went to a random gig where there was a band Clock n'Works playing and Rapunzel found herself droolling over the lead singer and I fell in love with the drummer and we decided we should make a list of our favourite boys. So, while waiting for one (preferably two) of them to marry us, we will introduce them all.

Jens Moelle. He is a (better) half of a German electro house duo Digitalism. I got familiar with their music via Kitsune maison compilations and loved it instantly. Their music is something you would hear on hard-core rave parties but they also have a softer, more melodic side which makes them perfect. 

In November, we went to see their concert in Wien. And there he was-Jence. Seeing him pressing buttons on synth and singing made my heart skip a beat! Also, he made the most cute gesture I've ever seen. He had his arms stretched aside while singing and then he kind of waved with his fingers. It was so adorable. I wanted to find a video of it but it's nonexistent :( . Instead, I found an interview with him in five parts, which kind of made my day.

Anyway, here he is. My one and only.

With all my love, Pie

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