From 7th until 18th November there was a film festival in Ljubljana. It happens every year, but this was the first time when we really let our love for films shine. We watched twelve (12) films together, therefore the majority of time in the past week was spent in different cinema halls, where the stories and characters took us to distant places which were sometimes filled with emotions unknown to us, but represented so beautifully we were easily affected.

Of course, not all the films were amazing and exhilarating, yet there was not a single one which would make us leave the projection before its end and no one even came close to the agony we went through last year, while watching Bela Tarr's The Turin Horse.

It was very nice (and probably not so smart) to put our studies at hold for a while and pretend we are not two busy students, but just two ordinary filmophiles who have all the time in the world to watch films all day and who wish from the bottom of their hearts smoking would again be allowed in dusty, old cinematheques.

Anyway, here's what we saw in order of preference:
Leos Carax: Strangulation Blues + Boy Meets Girl

Benh Zeitlin: Beasts of the Southern Wild
Denis Hopper: Easy Rider
Hartmut Bitomsky: Highway 40 West-Reise in Amerika
Aida Begić: Djeca (Children of Sarajevo)
Alejandro Brugués: Juan de los Muertos
Benoit Jacquot: Les adieux a la Reine
Cate Shortland: Lore
Babis Makridis: L
Quentin Dupieux: Wrong
Jonathan Demme: Something Wild

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