Home is where outside world is not

I recently moved away from my parents to an apartment in the centre of Ljubljana. I decorated and renovated it myself, with the help of family and friends. During hours of painting and scraping off old tiles, during countless cigarettes and long baths it has become very dear to me. Even when it's dirty, when I'm alone, or when moths intrude, I feel safe and hidden here.


  1. looks beautiful! I just moved, too, and it feels a little like the reincarnation of some part of you...

  2. your space looks like it should belong to someone in a movie, it's so awesome! and I just love the black and white tiles <3



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Best friends who are quite bored all the time and whose greatness and awesomeness is being ignored by society. Besides that, they love glittery makeup, things that shine in the dark or randomly fly in space, analogue photography, kitsune maison compilations, cats, dogs, and of course, alpacas. C'est ├ža.
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