Something is happening with google reader, right?

We don't really know what is going on, but everyone is asking their followers to move to bloglovin, so I guess we should do the same!
Anyway, if you enjoy our sporadic blog posts, then please, please, please do not leave us but follow us here or you can also click on the lovely naked bloglovin' lady on the right side of our blog.
It would really mean a lot to us.

yours for eternity 

Rapunzel & Pie


  1. I've been kind of confused about whatever is happening to gooogle reader too, so of course I'll follow you on bloglovin' also, I love your outfits, for some reason you both remind me of the band CocoRosie in this picture xxx

  2. I've just moved my reading list to bloglovin and of course you lovely ladies are on there! xx

  3. woah I love the bold prints! The google reader business is so confusing.. meh.



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